Andrew Burns


Andrew has lived close to the Union Canal for nearly 30-years, and was delighted to be elected as the inaugural Chair, of the newly re-formed ‘Edinburgh Union Canal Society (EUCS)’ in January 2022



Vicki has lived near the canal for over 35 years, and it gives her real joy. She walks or cycles beside it most days and knows how lucky she is. Vicki was delighted to be elected to the EUCS as Secretary, and appreciates the chance to give something back towards promoting the Union Canal and its many benefits.


Membership Secretary

Sandra is a retired Civil Engineer and was Involved with building the Edinburgh Canal Society Boathouse in 1989/90 and during the period when canal enthusiasts were campaigning to get navigation restored and with the Millennium Link Project which saw the Lowland Canals restored to through navigation. Keen to see the Boathouse repurposed as a Canal hub

Ford Buchanan


Ford has lived close to the canal in Shandon for more than 20 years and is pleased to be able to give something back to the community.

Andy Devenport


Bridget Stevens


Bridget was invited to become a Trustee partly to provide a link between the EUCS and Merchiston Community Council in whose area most of the Society’s activities take place.
She lives close to the canal and has for more than twenty years enjoyed using the towpath for cycling, walking, jogging and appreciating the ever-changing flora and fauna.

Glenn Liddall


Glenn first got involved with the Union Canal as part of the team that brought the All Aboard canal boat to the waters. He’s delighted to be part of EUCS and looks forward to seeing the boathouse given a new lease of life.





Richard Allen


Robin Morton


Robin is a retired Solicitor with considerable experience of the charitable sector. He lives close to the Canal and, as well as his work with EUCS, is a volunteer helmsman on the community barge ‘All Aboard’ moored at Polwarth Church.



Stuart Rennie


Stuart is a well-known figure in the lowland canal fraternity, past Chair at Linlithgow Union Canal Society and current Chair at Seagull Trust Cruises (Ratho Branch). Although now living in Fife, being born & bred in the city, Stuart is keen to assist in the revival of the canal society in Edinburgh.

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